Hey. This podcast is part of the top 3 things in my life at the moment. Podcasts are awesome and everyone should listen to em. Professor Blastoff, Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made? Mostly anything on Earwolf. 

For those unacquainted, the premise of Comedy Bang Bang consists of the host, Scott Aukerman who brings on a “celebrity” guest (mostly it’s his awesome comedian friends) and they conduct a standard interview. Then, someone (in character) comes in and interrupts the interview to tell his/her story. They continue the interview incorporating this new character, and the end result is almost always hilarity. 

This is a rare treat in that you get to watch a video of the show but I suggest you listen. 

Top 3 episodes for me ( in no order ):

—Episode 99 “Something for Daddy” 

with Andy Daly (in character) 

and Patton Oswalt. 

—Episode 148 “Wipeout”

with Jason Mantzoukas 

and Andy Daly (in character)

—Episode 150 “Time Bobby” 

with Paul F. Tompkins (in character)

and Bobby Moynihan (in character). 

There are many incredible ones but these stick out to me as having a very clear game, very incredible improv, and they’re just downright fun to listen to! 


Source: earwolf